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The 3 Most Underrated Bodybuilders of All Time

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  • The 3 Most Underrated Bodybuilders of All Time

    Just like with music, film and so on, in bodybuilding some highly talented individuals can go unnoticed. Or, in some cases, they do get some recognition but are easily forgotten, despite of their stunning results. It does happen to athletes too, which is why below you will read about three of the truly underrated stars of this sport.

    Robby Robinson

    The American called The Black Prince is the creator of the Natural Anabolic Program. And he is known as a string advocate of smart techniques that can help you build muscle regardless of age. The former professional athlete was crowned Mr Olympia, Mr Universe, Mr World etc. and had been competing until the age of 56. He was actually the first Masters Olympia winner, back in 1994.

    Bertil Fox

    A pro bodybuilder in the IFBB, Fox earned numerous titles, including Mr World and Mr Universe. Between 1969 and 1994, he had participated in dozens of prestigious competitions. Sadly, his career abruptly ended when he committed a double murder in 1997. Still, his incredibly ripped musculature could stand as an example for the bodybuilding community.

    Bob Paris

    His contest history is totally enviable. Between 1981 and 1992, Bob Paris participated in 40 competitions, ranking well in most of these. Although he hasn't been exactly one to win big titles, he'd been a very constant presence, getting close to the podium for years and years on end. Such constancy and dedication to the sport isn't to be ignored. He also put his knowledge into books, of which we mention 'Natural Fitness' and 'Flawless: The Ten-Week, Total-Image Method for Transforming Your Physique'.

    These are only three examples, but there are more out there. Finding more great bodybuilding examples besides the very popular ones means acceding to new methods and strategies that can help the newcomers. Some of the most talented individuals in this sport may have not had the means to promote themselves or to advertize what they do on YouTube channel; yet, this doesn't mean they don't deserve to be in the spotlight.
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    Robby Robinson always featured on muscle magazine covers. He was an Olympic champion for bodybuilding. This champion won his Olympic title in the year 1994. He was the first bodybuilder to show his well organized body muscles in his mid-60s. Robby was the first black American bodybuilder who featured in the bodybuilding film, Pumping Iron.
    Robinson won many awards but it should be mentioned that he also had superb arm development. Looking at his arms, they looked like landscapes, valleys, peaks and cuts. If you want to have ridges like Robby then start preparing right now. You have to get ready like a celebrity.