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  • Heart Burn Relief

    Please tell me ways to gain relief from heart burn. Also what are the things or probably food that triggers it?

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    Aloe Vera is a very useful plant. Aloe Vera is used to relieve burns and it is used also for sunburn. It has other functions too such as, it helps with heartburn because it decreases inflammation. When your stomach gets inflamed and irritated just drink a glass of Aloe Vera juice and the irritation or the inflammation will be calmed down. The supplement companies have also introduced Aloe Vera capsules so that you can carry them anywhere in your pocket. This supplement also nourishes the skin and makes it smooth and glossy. You can apply the juice on your face or on your hands.


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      A tea spoon of baking soda can assist you to end the heartburn. Baking soda can neutralize the stomach acid and thus relieves heartburn. You can chew a piece of fresh raw ginger because its juice can cure your acidity problem. These are simple home remedies which are effective. Then there are numerous tablets and antacids which are easily available in a chemist shop. You can use them in case you feel acidity problem. Take an antacid tablet just after your meal to avoid gas formation in the stomach. You can take a tablet 30 minutes before your meal so that you do not suffer from heartburn after the meal.