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  • Depression

    What are the signs of depression. Also please provide a few effective ways by which we can get cured. I have a friend who is suffering through depression, but is not willing to attend a doctor. Please help me a few ways by which i can be of help to her?

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    Depression is surely not a good thing and you must try to overcome as soon as possible. It causes much harm to your body and will make you unfit gradually. Eating bananas is a good source to eliminate depression. Many athletes munch bananas at regular intervals while doing aerobics and workouts. This reduces tension and anxiety. There are various medical treatments to cure depression, such as, cognitive therapy and psychodynamic treatment. A psychoanalyst can help you to cure gloominess and despair. If you cannot overcome depression by yourself then it is advisable to take the help of an expert and lead a normal life.


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      Depression causes major diseases if not cured in the early stage. It creates helplessness and anxiety. It is necessary that you undergo medical treatment as soon as possible. When you get depressed, set a goal for yourself. Think that you have to achieve that goal. Set a goal which you can easily succeed. Keep yourself busy so that you can avoid gloominess. Do lots of activities and actions; this will keep you away from thinking unnecessary things. Once you start feeling better, go on adding more demanding goals. This will avoid gloominess to creep in your mind. Keep yourself active and lively.