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Dry Cough Problem

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  • Dry Cough Problem

    Please I need your advice here. Suggest me ways to get rid of persistent dry cough, i am fearing and hope i dont end up with Bronchitis!!

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    Gargle With Salt Water
    Dry cough can be very irritating; it creates sore throat and discomfort to a person. One of the easiest home remedy is to gargle with salt water. If you gargle with lukewarm salt water then you will feel immediate relief and the soreness and hoarseness will reduce. Keep in mind, the gargling should be done at least 3 to 4 times a day. Salt helps in reducing the throat pain caused by the dry cough. The phlegm from the throat is expelled easily and the cough vanishes. If you gargle with warm salt water repeatedly then you do not have to take any kind of cough medicine.